Qatar is a blend of interesting perspectives, from ultra modern cityscapes to fascinating cultural vignettes

Land of Contrast

Qatar is a juxtaposition of modern and luxurious city life against a backdrop of ultra hot desert emptiness. Over the past 30 years, Qatar, and specifically the capital city of Doha, have grown exponentially. Most of the activity and most of the locations are in or very near Doha, with a few key exceptions, such as the desert or the sea. 5-star high-class luxury is everywhere. There are a number of modern restaurants, malls, offices, hotels, spas, universities, and landmarks. There a few decent parks, plenty of sports facilities, and various pools. Generally, anything you are looking for can be found, but there are some exceptions. Once you start planning your locations, contact us.


Qatar has a myriad beautiful interior and architecture, and a whole lot of desert. Other things, like grass, are a bit harder to find. We know where the best spots are and who to talk to in order to get access. Whether you are working on a pitch or ready to shoot, we can help.


We handle the relationships, prepping the location, providing the way-finding, and on-site support so you and your team can get in and get the shots you need. Our Locations Manager is skilled at understanding the creative brief and finding the best options available.

Locations Gallery

Take a look through some of the epic spaces available in Qatar. From sand to water, to one of the most impressive skylines in the region, Qatar has a lot to offer. If you have specific questions, contact us.

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