We work in production and understand the challenges intimately. We can help translate production needs to the unique challenges in Qatar.

Our team has worked on multiple film production and photography production servicing projects including print and TV ads, feature films, film shorts and music videos. If you need it in Qatar, we can source and set it up. We understand the balance between achieving a high level of creativity and still staying within the budget. Here are a few things we can help you with.


We know the best crews and will get

the right people on the job.

Qatar lacks some of the resources for high-end film production that many international producers and directors might expect. Despite the growth and some projects with large budgets, the film production market in Qatar is still under-developed. That lack of consistent work means that crew, equipment, and other production assets can be hard to find. A great 1st AD, for instance, might be the only 1st AD in the country qualified to take on challenging projects. If your project overlaps with another, an alternate plan must be created.


Our team will help you direct source, or find the best local market department heads to sort your wardrobe and art department requirements.


From local talent, to cultural advisors, casting sessions, and specialized performers, we will help you reach into the local pool and find the right talent for your project.


We have relationships and resources to ensure the working team never misses a meal on set, and stays hydrated, caffeinated, and motivated all production day long.


We know what’s available, where to find it, and how to get you the best rates.


Logistics is part of our daily routine. We provide you detailed prep, admin, scheduling, and logistics support necessary during the planning, the shoot days, and after your project finishes in Qatar. We have the right crew, casting, and kit rental house relationships to get you the best possible deals. Our team is hands-on in support of your success. If you need top-tier production management in Qatar, you found it!


Need a printer? Local phones? A place to set up base for prep? We can help you with all the general office bits and find you the most cost-effective ways to create a collaborative space to plan out your project, meet with crew, agency, and clients. All while ensuring there is a constant drip of quality caffeine.


If you are looking for post-project support, such as hiring and recording local voice talent, producing tapes, delivering items across town, etc. Let us know. We thrive on great relationships and look forward to building one and maintaining one as an extension of your team in Qatar.